Me lo canto un pajarito

It's six o'clock, the birds are singing.
I'm wide awake whilst you're still fast asleep.
I went outside, into your garden.
The sun was bright & the air was cool
And as I stood there listening
Well the birds in your garden they all started singing this song
"Take her now. Don't be scared, it's alright.
Oh, come on, touch her inside.
It's a crime against nature - she's been waiting all night.
Come on, hold her, & kiss her & tell her you care
If you wait 'til tomorrow
she'll no longer be there.
Come on & give it to her.
You know it's now or never."
Yeah, the birds in your garden have all started singing this song.

My father never told me about the birds & the bees.
And I guess I never realised that I would ever meet birds as beautiful as these.
I came inside, climbed to your bedroom.
I kissed your eyes awake & then I did what I knew was only natural.
Yeah, the birds in your garden, they taught me the words to this song.

[Pulp - The Birds in Your Garden]