I'll stand by you - yeah, right

Oh, why you look so sad? - 'cause I'm sad
Tears are in your eyes - it's an allergy
Come on and come to me now - you'll kick my ass
Don't be ashamed to cry - but it's embarrassing
Let me see you through - please, don't. I look awful
'cause I've seen the dark side too - star wars' jokes coming to my mind
When the night falls on you - I'll go to bed
You don't know what to do - yes, I'll fall asleep
Nothing you confess - nothing, sure?
Could make me love you less - yes, it could
I'll stand by you - don't lie to me


Juaaa!. ¿No estaría buenísimo componer las "canciones antónimas"?


jaja con algunas es fácil