A la papelera

Creo que todos conocemos Wikipedia. En mi opinión, los lectores de Wiki caen en dos categorías: los "believers" personas que creen cualquier cosa porque está en Wikipedia y se defienden con esta frase "lo leí en Wikipedia" y los "readers" personas que leen pero no lo toman como palabra santa.

No hay que olvidarse que Wiki se elabora gracias a la gente y, no hay que olvidarse, que los bromistas y los tontos no son patrimonio nacional. Hay gente que colabora para bien y gente cuya colaboración la gente de Wiki considera debe ir a la papelera, o sea, a la basura.

Edmund Moss
Extract: "His exact birthdate is unknown as he was born in a remote village in Indonesia, where they do not HAVE birthdays"
Reason for deletion: "Appears to be a hoax... the article says Indonesians don't have birthdays"

Exploding toads (now merged into Exploding animals)
Extract: "An exploding toad occurs when a crow, hunting for toad liver, attacks a toad which then puffs up as a natural defense. What differentiates the exploding toads in these incidents from most other exploding animals is that they explode while alive"
Reason for deletion: "Maybe merge into exploding animal otherwise delete"

Exploding donkey (now merged into Exploding animals)
Extract: "There have been several documented incidents of donkeys and mules being used to deliver bombs"
Reason for deletion: "It's cute to have a bunch of articles on exploding animals, but this one shouldn't be one of them"

Israeli theft of Arab cuisine
Extract: (now deleted)
Reason for deletion: "The title is intrinsically un-neutral"

Flying Bigfoot of Florida
Extract: "No pictures were ever taken, although numerous people claimed to have seen it walking on the beach or taking off"
Reason for deletion: "Unsourced, no real claim to notability"

Extract:(now deleted)
Reason for deletion: "I don't see how this particular superhero character meets the notability guidelines"

Raptor Jesus
Extract: "An Internet phenomenon, in which an image of Christ is altered to depict Christ as having the head of a Velociraptor"
Reason for deletion: "Topic seems not to have reliable sources with regards to the topic's popularity, leading me to believe that the topic is not notable"

Fuente: Telegraph UK
Artículo: Wikipedia: 20 articles earmarked for deletion